EDOC 2015 and EDOCW 2015 Proceedings now online – the proceedings are now listed on dblp and can be accessed through IEEE Xplore: EDOC 2015 and EDOCW 2015 Proceedings.

Note: There is an error in the list of editors.
EDOC 2015 Proceedings were edited by Sylvain Hallé, Wolfgang Mayer, Aditya Ghose and Georg Grossmann.
EDOCW 2015 Proceedings were edited by Jens Kolb, Barbara Weber, Sylvain Hallé, Wolfgang Mayer, Aditya Ghose and Georg Grossmann.


IEEE EDOC 2015 – the “Enterprise Computing Conference” – will be the nineteenth conference in a series to be held 22-25 September 2015 in Adelaide, South Australia. EDOC conferences provide the key forum for researchers and practitioners in the field of enterprise computinga, and address the full range of models, methodologies, and engineering technologies contributing to intra- and inter-enterprise information systems.

Since 1997, EDOC has brought together leading computer science researchers, IT decision makers, enterprise architects, solution designers and practitioners to discuss enterprise computing challenges, models and solutions from the perspectives of academia, industry and government. The IEEE EDOC Conference emphasizes a holistic view of enterprise applications engineering and management, fostering integrated approaches that can address and relate processes, people and technology.

EDOC 2015 in Adelaide, Australia welcomes high quality scientific submissions as well as experience papers on enterprise computing from industry. The main theme of EDOC 2015 is “Leveraging social phenomena and Big Data in the enterprise of the future” and seeks to explore innovative approaches synthesizing concepts of (1) data science, (2) enterprise computing and (3) social networks.

In 2011, Adelaide was named most liveable city in Australia and placed eighth in The Economist's World's Most Livable Cities. Adelaide is known as being affordable and easy to get around.

Expert panel discussions and keynotes will address current topics and issues in this domain.

Keynotes at EDOC 2015

It is our pleasure and honour to have the following keynote speakers:

JMylo davethomas
  jgrundy RLawrence